Development of an MRI-compatible patient monitor with highly integrated sensors



As part of the NEO-Patch joint project, a modular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)- capable patient monitor and its wireless sensors are to be developed that can be used for all patient groups, from neonates to adults.


All established technologies face challenges for patients who require monitoring of vital parameters in MRI. Due to the strong magnetic direct and alternating fields prevailing in the examination room, conventional systems cannot be used during screening and it is therefore not possible to use the monitoring system used on the ward or in the ambulance. The presence of ferromagnetic components in medical products distorts the MRI images to such an extent that they are unusable. Furthermore, the devices can pose considerable risks to the patient, e.g. burns due to inductive heating or mechanical hazards (forces in the magnetic field). In the case of pulse oximetry, a special sensor head with glass fibers is therefore used for measurements in MRIs. Drastic losses occur both when the fiber is coupled to the LED and when the scattered light from the finger is captured by the fiber on the detector due to the low acceptance angle of the fibers. With these high coupling losses, a pulse oximeter for poorly perfused and critical patients cannot be realized adequately.

Solution approach

The development of a compact fibreless measuring system with a Bluetooth interface is intended to improve the monitoring of critical patients.

Cooperation partner:

blupoint MEDICAL | R&D | Universität Rostock

Project sponsor:

bluepoint MEDICAL | Europäische Union | Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung