Diagnostic system to ensure medical care in rural, structurally weak areas

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A completely new and integrated lay patient monitor is being developed and tested in order to ensure medical care and to increase people’s personal responsibility for their own health in structurally weak rural areas.


The economics of ambulatory medical care are small-scale and fractured. This small-scale nature gives rise to tangible problems in terms of care and quality. The lack of networking often leads to inadequate coordination in scheduling appointments, duplicate and multiple examinations, and often uncoordinated treatments and even incorrect medication.

These problems are even more prevalent in rural areas due to the thinning out of care. While a family doctor may still have his or her practice within easy reach, specialists and clinics are only available at greater distances, usually in the nearest mid-sized center or city.

Solution approach

With the Care4MV Monitor, an online consultation can be conducted and, in addition, a variety of vital signs transmitted in real time are available to the physician for diagnosis.

blupoint MEDICAL | R&D | Care4MV Monitor